Our Summer 2017 Campers

This Summer 2017, KSI STEM Camp piloted its very first Summer Camp and it was a fun and captivating experience for our campers and Instructors!
KSI will be continuing its unique STEM offering; balancing practicality with play, this Fall, 2017 with the Afternoon & Weekend Enrichment Program. We look forward to welcoming back familiar faces and new STEM enthusiasts this Fall!

learn more about our camps and the camper's experience below!

In PROJECT SUBSCRIBE, campers created and customized their own YouTube channels, shot and edited videos using green screen, added intros and outros using effects in Adobe Premiere, created movie trailer reaction videos, learned cool effects like the self cloning effect and the echo effect, and learned how to record and render gaming footage. Along with this, channel and thumbnail art creating was also taught! The PROJECT ARDUINO ROBOTICS and PROJECT SMART CAR campers excelled as makers creating robotic arms by adding servos to 3D printed parts, creating bots with Arduino boards, controlling their robots with Arduino code, and added special sensors and features to robots, including Bluetooth and WiFi.  


Lights, Camera, action

Here we have our camper gearing up for the invisibility cloak effect in our recording room. 


Adobe Premiere pro

Using new software is always challenging. Campers had their Instructor's support every step of the way!



A strong developer station is key when using comprehensive software's like Adobe Premiere.   


Arduino uno boards

Our campers used the latest Arduino Uno boards and used coding for Arduino. 



A smart car is brought to life using the right kit. The next step is to cue up the Bluetooth!