The S.T.E.A.M (sCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS, MATH) after-school program for middle school, high school, and home schooled students aged 11 - 16. 

KSI STEM teach kids ages 11 – 16  true building and programming for Robotics including nano technology like Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi, also structure and programming for websites using HTML and JavaScript, beautifying websites with CSS, Video Editing for large platforms and YouTube, and even Financial Literacy so today’s youth can understand stocks, trade, and money management. We offer a variety of tracks that are always growing. We teach every level so students learn pure coding and programming.

Our Tracks

KSI modernizes student learning from the conventional school day with activities that capture excitement, entertainment, and creativity. Our curriculum broadens a student’s learning exposure with activities that balance computer science skills in an absorbable activity. In other words, students will engage in a variety of STEAM technologies rooted in engaging projects that produce a tangible result.
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Financial Literacy

Get your financial portfolio ready! Learn investing basics, including the concepts of compounding interest, the time value of money, stock market research and investing.  After achieving the basic grasp of spot market investing, advanced students learn about portfolio management and diversification of sectors, derivative instruments such as options, and trading of commodities through ETFs (exchange traded funds) and index strategies in the
Financial Literacy Track. 

Web & Mobile  Development 

Master the technologies that develop high quality web sites and work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and large screen browsers in the
Web and Mobile Development Track.


 Hacker's beware! Learn the principles of coding for a variety of languages and platforms like Python, JavaScript and more with emphasis on programming syntax and semantics in the Coding Station Track.


Gear up the engineering skills when designing, developing, building, programming, and document progress of a robot! Use today's tools of the trade like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more in the
Robotic Automation Track. 


VIDEO Production

Learn the fundamentals of pre-production and composition, using professional equipment and editing techniques for videos in the
Video Production & Editing Track.


Why Choose KSI?

What we do

Knowledge Systems Institute (KSI) is a non-profit organization committed to providing education in Computer and Information Sciences. Our studio champions the “Maker Mentality”; guiding students to envision an outcome and evolving it into reality using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). We teach today’s youth how to:

  • Build, code, and operate robotic devices including devices like 3D printing, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi;
  • design and run web programs fit for a variety of today’s mobile platforms;
  • teach traditional coding fundamentals and principles;  
  • learning real world financial influence on technology;  
  • and use video editing software to make movies, short videos and visual effects.

Best of all, our offering is project-based, all student work will result in tangible physical or digital material that exhibits their STEAM creation.

Demo Projects

View our demo projects below to see what students can accomplish in our camps.

Visit our tracks page here to review each of our track enrollment options

Build your very own robot in the Robotics Automation Track! Using code, you can program your robot to understand its surroundings through sensors and move in specific directions. Meet STEVE 1.0 in this video to see a robot in action from our 2017 Summer Camp, KSI STEM. 

Learn how to add text, effects, and music to a video in the Video Production and Editing Track! This video features STEVE 2.0, a wonderful upgrade where the robot is able to move its head up and down and shake, coupled with a fun tune. We are all about creativity and enjoyment; view this video to see the final product from our previous Summer 2017 Camp!

Meet STEVE 1.0 and our... mishap, which lead to a STEVE 2.0 this past Summer 2017! The upgraded STEVE 2.0 included sensors to avoid what STEVE 1.0 could not. Enjoy!


KSI’s campus is spacious, sophisticated, and welcoming; providing a nurturing atmosphere to the creative STEAM process. Our labs come equipped with individual developer stations which include double monitors, turtle beach mic/headphone sets, and access to devices like robotic kits, raspberry pi, Arduino, 3-D printer(s), VR gear and more (all device use is supervised).

KSI is located at 3420 Main Street in Skokie, IL

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