We are very excited to introduce our first

Spring Break 2018 STEM CAMP





This camp will involve students developing, building, and programming a robot and a more advanced robotic coding project to follow. Students will work hands-on to design, build, program, and document progress.


Robotics is one of the advanced Computer Science applications used to solve various types of problems by automating dangerous processes from business to healthcare. Robotics concepts are one of the most important drivers for the positive future development of all industries in the world. This program contains a collection of different tools and topics and your learning will start at ground zero with all of them. You will explore different robotics case studies, programming, and learning different design structures with their formal definitions.


  • Learning various features of robots.
  • Learn how to use robotic software.
  • Principles of robotic programming.
  • Learn to design, build, present, and test various robotic programs.


Review the Projects page to get more details about each project.

LEVEL: intermediate

Using ESP8266 with motor shield to build a smart car. With 3D in house print parts to make it change direction. Also learning how to control the car by cellphone.

hardware & software

KSI provides a Developer Station for class that may be used by all students. This requires students to work together and use materials thoughtfully. Purchasing equipment is the best course of action as this allows students to take materials home with them. We provide you with the hardware and software purchasing details which are typically available on Amazon. Hardware and software requirements for the Coding for Robotics camp are as follows: 


  • Laptop/Computer
  • Track Model
  • ESP8266 with motor shield


  • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (32- or 64-bit)
  • Arduino


Session    March 26-30                                                     Cost Per Week

Morning 9AM-1:30PM                                             $400 + $70 materials fee

KSI STEM camps are designed for kids ages 11 – 16.

*Disclaimer: KSI STEM Camps requires at least five (5) students enrolled in 'x' session to offer said session this Spring 2018.